Manage your astrophoto dark frames
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCAboutDialogOur About dialog
oCAbstractCommandInterface for all commands
oCAbstractScanCommandBase of all folder scanning commands
oCCommandExecutorThe Command Executor is in charge of executing all application commands
oCCommandFactoryCommand factory in charge of instanciating all command types in a static function for each type
oCCommandManagerManages commands, from creation to queueing and execution
oCCommandQueueQueue that holds commands that need to be executed
oCCommandReportA set of messages & lists to store a command's processing report
oCCommandReportDisplayWidget to display full info on an AbstractCommand
oCComputeBestMatchCommandCompute the size of the largest darks set that matches T° distribution with curerntly scanned lights
oCDarkCopyCommandCopies matched darks to specified folder
oCDarkMatcherIn charge of the actual dark temperature matching
oCDataStoreStores all application data
oCExifReaderUtility class for all Exif metadata accesses
oCGlobalsApplication-wide constants
oCImageInfoImage information
oCImageStackStores a set of images for a given temperature
oCImageStackHelperStatic helpers for ImageStack creation and manipulation
oCLightsCheckCommandChecks if all scanned lights are
oCLocaleHelperA set of static helper functions to deal with locales
oCMainWindowOur application's main window
oCMatchDarksCommandCommand that creates a list of darks from a list of lights
oCMatchingExceptionAbstract mother of all temperature-matching related exceptions
oCNoDarkForShootSettingsExcpetionTemperature matching failed because of shooting settings mismsatch between lights and darks
oCNoDarkForTempExceptionTemperature matching failed because there are not enough darks for the given temperature
oCPlotManagerManages all plots displayed in this app
oCPrefDialogDialog used to set application preferences
oCScanDarkSourceCommandCommand that fetches all dark frames metadata
oCScanLightsCommandCommand that scans a unique lights directory
\CSignalDispatcherDispatches Qt Signals for all app objects