Manage your astrophoto dark frames
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ScanLightsCommand Class Reference

Command that scans a unique lights directory. More...

#include <scanLightsCommand.h>

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void scanDone (QList< ImageInfo > result)
 tell everyone we completed the scan
void scanStarted ()
 tell everyone we just started scanning

Public Member Functions

 ScanLightsCommand (const QString dir)
virtual ~ScanLightsCommand ()
virtual void do_processing ()
 The actual processing payload of this command.
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractScanCommand
virtual ~AbstractScanCommand ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractCommand
virtual ~AbstractCommand ()
 Default destructor.
void execute ()
 execute command payload
const QString & getDescription () const
 get command's description displayed in command log
const StatusgetStatus () const
 get command's running status
qint64 getElapsed () const
 Get command's total execution time.
int getSerial () const
 Get command's serial number.
bool hasErrors () const
 Tells if this command encountered errors during execution.
bool hasWarning () const
 Tells if this command encountered warnings during execution.
const QStringList & getReportMessages () const
 Get command's report messages.
const QString & getProgessMessage () const
 Get command's progress message.
const CommandReportgetCommandReport () const
 Get command's processing report.
const QString getStatusString () const
 Get a string representation of a command's status.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from AbstractCommand
 The Status enum describes a command's running status. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from AbstractScanCommand
 AbstractScanCommand (const QStringList sources)
void getRawPathsInDirectory (const QString directory)
 Get a list of Canon RAW file paths located inside a directory.
void retrieveExifMetadata ()
 Retrieve EXIF metadata for a list of file path.
void checkForErrors ()
 check for scan errors
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractScanCommand
const QStringList _sources
 Dark source folder paths.
QStringList _badFilesPaths
 Paths of invalid files.
QStringList _shortFilesPaths
 Paths of short exposure files.
QList< QString > _imagePaths
 A list of RAW file paths.
QList< ImageInfo_imageInfos
 A list of ImageInfo, result of EXIF metadata retrieval.

Detailed Description

Command that scans a unique lights directory.

Definition at line 30 of file scanLightsCommand.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScanLightsCommand::ScanLightsCommand ( const QString  dir)


dirthe directory to scan for lights

Definition at line 25 of file scanLightsCommand.cpp.

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