Manage your astrophoto dark frames
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Globals Class Reference

Application-wide constants. More...

#include <globals.h>

Static Public Attributes

static const QString VERSION_STRING
 application version string
static const QString APPLICATION_NAME = "AstRawDark"
 application name
static const QString SETTINGKEY_DARK_SOURCES = "darkSources"
 Key used to store dark sources.
static const QString SETTINGKEY_WINDOW_GEOMETRY = "windowGeometry"
 Key for window geometry.
static const QString SETTINGKEY_WINDOW_MAXIMIZED = "windowMaximized"
 Key for window maximized status.
static const QString SETTINGKEY_WINDOW_GEOMETRY_REMEMBER = "rememberWindowGeometry"
 Key for 'remember window size & position' feature.
static const QString SETTINGKEY_SCANDARKS_ON_STARTUP = "scanDarksOnStartup"
 Key for 'scan darks on starup' flag.
static const int COMMAND_LOG_PROGRESS_WIDTH = 250
 Command log progressBar width.

Detailed Description

Application-wide constants.

Definition at line 28 of file globals.h.

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